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11/16/10 09:09 pm

Um.. help? I don't have a friends page anymore? I haven't been able to read anyone's entry for 3 days...

12/2/09 02:22 pm

Inordinately pleased and distracted by white-and-red-light-up Santa and crafted snowflakes.

6/17/09 09:18 pm


I first saw ghosts in my father's dark room
emerging at the speed of light, smiling faintly;
some still living but speaking slowly from a time before;
their lips blurred around the sense of words,
but I caught their drift. When I first heard

these voices I didn't see a commercial use
felt persecuted. I blinked and there they were
as constant as the direct sun.
I'd never heard it called a gift or curse
or knew it made a dollar. Worse

my father soon cottoned on. Then came the parlour
with its purple drapes and incense,
the sticky-backed tarot that made no sense,
abstract as art to me, the sweaty hands
I read as maps to fame and wedding bands,

all lies. At night the ghosts still came
from the space behind my bed, their language
a breeze against my neck, a finger down my spine,
rifling through my hair and raising bumps on my skin.
Guarded by angels, marked by sin,

whatever they called it, I was never lonely.
I was never helpful either, to those in mourning.
Then, the ghosts neglected me, left me empty
as a shell. I gave out clever platitudes. I was not sorry
am not sorry
to be a cheat.
The ghosts were only ever meant for me.

5/9/09 11:55 am - By the way

it's two weeks to my birthday tomorrow - haven't I been good and mature not to start counting down until now?

4/29/09 12:25 pm

 Sleepy. Wants cookies. 

4/15/09 06:47 am

....Hello in here? Anyone about?

4/4/09 09:05 am

Day 3 with the family was: Cheap Chinese food in China town (lobster, duck, assorted goodies), off to Blue Palms where the 29 Mules played blues and country unexpectedly, and then drinking in my mum's hotel room. Today will be brekkie with my mum, some shopping, and off to see the Dodgers play! YAY baseball season! 

3/16/09 03:58 pm

 Given how tired I am today it seems plenty accurate that your brain is meant to head South at 27. Just a few months off...

Though obviously I can't begin my birthday count down before Em's bday!

Ooh, for amazing cake pics, check out four good corners this evening ;)

2/1/09 12:40 pm

 Stephen just told me he likes my hair this length and colour. Finally! It took him a while to get used to it but at least I finally get the response I was after!

Off to eat wings and drink wine and watch the Super Bowl. I heart February.

1/7/09 12:31 pm

I joined a gym.
Shocking, non?
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